Hydrogen bonding in parallel beta sheets

The β sheet (also β-pleated sheet) is the second form of regular secondary structure in proteins — the first is the alpha helix — consisting of beta strands connected laterally by three or more hydrogen bonds, forming a generally twisted, pleated sheet.

The hydrogen bonding in anti-parallel beta sheets are usually more linear. The N-H and C=O groups on the outer edge of the beta sheet structure are not hydrogen bonded to other strands of the primary sequence. If the R-groups along the outer edge of the beta sheets are polar, it can interact with solvents such as water.

beta-alpha-beta unit = two parallel strands of beta sheet are connected by a stretch of alpha helix What is another common supersecondary structure? alpha-alpha unit (helix-turn-helix) = consists of two anti-parallel alpha helices and in such an arrangement, energetically favorable contacts exist between the side chains in the two stretches of ...The second major secondary structure element in proteins is the β-sheet. β-sheets consist of several β-strands, stretched segments of the polypeptide chain kept together by a network of hydrogen bonds between adjacent strands.

Beta strand synonyms, Beta strand pronunciation, Beta strand translation, English dictionary definition of Beta strand. n. A secondary structure that occurs in many proteins and consists of two or more parallel adjacent polypeptide chains arranged in such a way that hydrogen...Hydrogen bonds are formed between the CO and NH of two different strands in β-sheets, wherein a series of 12-membered hydrogen-bonded rings are involved in parallel β-sheets and alternating series of 10-membered and 14-membered hydrogen-bonded rings are formed in antiparallel β-sheets. A turn is also an element of secondary structure in ...parallel or anti-parallel to each other to form flat sheets in proteins. Since the amino acid sidechains are bonded to the alpha carbons of each amino acid, they are alternately ori-entated above and below the plane of the sheet. The beta-sheet is stabilized by hydrogen bonds between the amino nitrogen of one amino acid and the carbonyl oxygen of