January 27, 2012Police have charged a mother with encouraging two teenage girlsCaught on video Warning some strong languageā€ - Girls gang fight! 18-year-old's viral street

The footage, posted earlyFour teenage girls are facing charges in connection with a fight that broke out last week in Camden, New JerseyWarning - thread Girl fights

WATCH: KZN pupil in school fight video is not dead, she faintedCaught on Tape: Teens Beat Pregnant Teen on Bus

with hair-pulling, name-calling and a nasty panther-like, claw-first take-downvideo sexy controversial titles girl fight home videos street fightVideo shows 16-year-old girl punched by other girls;Authorities say two teenage girls were jumped by a group of students after school, and it was all captured on videoThis fight cannot be unseen

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Oh, deer! Dash cam from the Blue Ash Police Department caught two deer fighting in the middle of the streetThe Most Brutal Street Fights

WTH Is Going On With Girls Fighting: Last Day Of School Brawl!VIDEO: Schoolgirls fight caught on camera CNS Reporter/Corlia Kruger Cellphone footage has surfaced showing two primary school girls fighting in an apparent bullyingPosted 5:58 am, November 18,

Girl knocks out guy in one hit A video of girls fighting on a Williamsburg street as other teens watch has surfaced days after the infamous McDonald's six-on-one brawl

Alien Caught On Tape! Attempted Robbery Fail Girl Fight Turned Hit and Run: Caught on Camera This girl fight quickly turned ugly when a driver struck these teens with a vehicle

A disturbing video shows a young woman viciously beat another girl and her brother in an Indianapolis parkTeen Caught in School Bus Beating Illinois police believe the attack on a 17-year-old boy was

Teen girls caught on videoINDIANAPOLIS, Ind

Shocking street brawl between two women caught on tape

Video shot at the Tadoba National Park in the Indian state of Maharashtra on Wednesday, shows an adult tiger face off with the sloth bearBloody Fight real fight " Caught on

If the brutal scenes in the new Lifetime movie Girl Fight looks familiar, it's because the movie is based on the true story of Florida cheerleader Victoria Lindsay

In May 2015,video surfaced of a fight between two students at NorthwestUploaded 04/08/2011 OH NO YOU DI'INT!!! Next VideoTwo teenage girls got in a fight and their school bus driver is accused of being the facilitator

It was on May 22 that MoniqueTwo teenage girls who were fighting at Steamboat Park in Bismarck have been identified by police

According to Acuna, the girl in the video had been bullying her daughterThe two were caught locking antlers

Another day, another RAGING SHE-FIGHT involving one of the stars of "Love & Hip Hop"Last week, there was a story of yet another girl fight caught on tape, this time with the parents INSTIGATING THE FIGHTA disturbing video shows a young woman viciously beat another girl and her brother in an Indianapolis park